Article 50

The referendum delivered a bigger popular vote to leave the EU than that won by any British government in history. It is for this reason that the Prime Minister has made clear that there will be no attempt to stay in the EU by the back door, to delay the leaving process or to thwart the will of the British people. I fully support the Government's position on this and I will not use my position to try and block Brexit, not least because the majority of my constituents voted to leave the EU.

The Conservative Government's election manifesto pledged in 2015 to “respect the outcome" of the EU referendum, whatever the result. Our instructions from the British people are clear. The Government must honour its electoral mandate and implement the democratic decision to leave the EU. To undermine the will of the British people would only exacerbate the very disillusionment that some people feel about politics which in part led to the Brexit vote in the first place.

With this in mind, I had no hesitation in voting for Article 50 to be triggered.