Get East Devon Connected

In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to run a business or even run your life without access to the internet and even more difficult without a mobile phone signal.

Air Passenger Duty & Tourism VAT

In the UK and around the world, business thrives in the right conditions. That’s why I have continued to call for a reduction in Air Passenger Duty for domestic flights. Currently, passengers are hit twice by the APD levy when they fly domestically – on take-off and landing.

Our Environment

East Devon is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. That’s why I am determined that we protect our environment.

Part of protecting our environment is ensuring that we have the right regulations in the country to stop us from imported diseases that could severely damage our flora.

Health & Social care

Getting social care right is the issue of our time. It is the one issue that we will, I believe, be judged on in the future. Did we find a solution? Did we work together? Did we put aside our political differences to come together and finally sort this issue out for a generation?