Health & Social care

Getting social care right is the issue of our time. It is the one issue that we will, I believe, be judged on in the future. Did we find a solution? Did we work together? Did we put aside our political differences to come together and finally sort this issue out for a generation?

I was one of 90 MPs from across the political spectrum, who wrote to the Prime Minister at the end of 2017 regarding social care. Before last year’s General Election, I came together with a cross-party group of MPs to discuss the issue of long term care for the elderly with the Prime Minister. We believed that it was an honest and open discussion, on a non-party basis, for the good of everyone.

The world of diagnostics will be very different in 20 years time. We may be able to do diagnostic work through an app or even on FaceTime.

But there is one thing that we will continue to need – ongoing care in our homes. It seems that as time goes on, more and more people will want to live at home as they get older. That’s why I am working on a common sense approach to find a long term solution to social care.

The Government is planning a consultation in the Summer of 2018 and it is more important than ever that everyone has their say on the future of social care. I’ll update you when it is released and I’ll let you know how you can get involved.


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