National Wildlife Unit

We recognise the work the National Wildlife Crime Unit does to help tackle wildlife crime both in the UK and internationally, which is why we are committed to provide funding for the organisation until the end of March. Decisions about further funding for the Unit will be made as part of the wider spending review that is currently being undertaken by Government departments.
I fully support the Unit and appreciate its contribution. In addition to its work, Border Force acts to prevent wildlife products being smuggled at the border. We also help tackle wildlife crime through the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW), a multi-agency body comprising representatives of the Government and voluntary bodies with an interest in combating wildlife crime.
Ministers are working hard on this issue with overseas governments as well. In 2014 the Foreign Secretary chaired a major conference on the illegal wildlife trade, where over 40 countries agreed on decisive action to protect wildlife. This included continuing to back the elephant ivory trade ban, specifying poaching and wildlife trafficking as "serious crimes" under the relevant UN Convention and strengthening co-ordination across borders.