Support for Disability

As a One Nation government, we want to support everyone – no matter their circumstances – to achieve their full potential and live independent lives. 

BLOG: The resignation of Iain Duncan Smith

It must seem to outsiders of the Westminster Village that all the major parties are experiencing difficulties in their ranks. Labour is indulging itself ideologically with a leader who is not plausible as a Prime Minister and who in turn has appointed a Shadow Chancellor who believes capitalism is a dirty word. The Liberal Democrats, have been all but “abolished” and the Conservative Party has suffered a resignation of one of its key architects of welfare reform. 

Sugar Tax

In the budget last week the Chancellor unveiled a new tax on sugary drinks, pledging to use the takings to provide more sports funding for schools. Some saw this policy, including some of my colleagues as “nanny statism at its worst” but I disagree. 

BLOG: Commonwealth

Sometimes the Commonwealth is seen as a relic of the past. I argue passionately that it is nothing of the sort. The test is always the same – would we invent the Commonwealth today? The answer is that we would. It is an important organisation for the present and the future.