A Year to the Election

Exmouth JournalMany of you might not be interested but it is now exactly one year to the next General Election. But for many of us here at Westminster it gives us a moment to reflect on a future in politics. The countdown is marked by a clutch of polls that show the Tories have cut Labour's lead to a single point which has put a spring in the step of those who watch these things.

Park home owners given new rights

Hundreds of residents at Topsham's Newport Park are among those who have been given new rights from this week.

Newport Park, off Topsham Road, has 183 mobile homes, giving many people an affordable opportunity to escape and live in the countryside.But East Devon MP Hugo Swire says that owners of some parks abuse their position to make a profit at their residents' expense. 


Express & EchoWith the advent of the European elections much of the spotlight, both good and bad, has been placed on UKIP which is expected to do well. UKIP have cleverly portrayed themselves as the anti-establishment party and it would be unusual for the establishment not to fight back. We have had stories of racism; abuse of expenses and even live TV debates yet nothing seems to diminish their poll ratings.

Scottish Referendum

Exmouth JournalOn 18th September this year a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place.  Across the main political parties here at Westminster there is the view that we must keep the UK together as one nation.

South West Railway Line

Exmouth JournalThe bunting was out. The band was playing. The crowds were cheering. It was quite a gathering: West Country MP’s, Councillors and dignitaries, even the Prime Minister himself was in attendance.  The train line at Dawlish, connecting the South West to the rest of the country, was being reopened, after winter storms damaged the line in February and the clear message was that Devon and Cornwall was once again open for business.

Labour is Losing

Express & EchoIt started with the budget and a poor response. Then came a poll in the Times: fewer than a fifth of voters see Ed Milliband as a Prime Minister in waiting. The figures showed the Labour leader lagging significantly behind David Cameron when the Conservative leader was in Opposition, and suggested that Mr Milliband’s attacks on the energy companies and banks have failed to persuade voters he is ready to lead the country.


Exmouth JournalFar-reaching reforms to the taxation of defined contribution pensions to give people more freedom over their pension pots was the big surprise of the budget. The time was right. Many pensioners have seen their incomes fall as a consequence of the low interest rates that Britain has deliberately pursued to support the economy. It was time the Government and the country helped them out in return.