Standing down as Member of Parliament for East Devon

It has been an honour to be the Member of Parliament for East Devon. I am standing down at the General Election. Following the dissolution of Parliament on 6 November 2019, I am now no longer an MP. Thank you.

Hugo to step down as MP at the next general election

At a meeting earlier this evening of the Executive of the East Devon Conservative Association I announced that I would not be standing for re-election as the Member of Parliament. It was my original intention to stand down in 2022, when the next general election was scheduled to be held.

Delivering Brexit without further delay

I have consistently voted in Parliament to get us out of the EU to respect the Referendum result – the largest democratic mandate in history – as well as keep all options on the negotiating table.

Hugo comments on motion to delay Brexit

Hugo said: "I will be voting against this motion tonight as it completely undermines the PM’s attempt to get a deal on Brexit. It is little more than a cynical attempt to delay or revoke the whole process by those who have never accepted the result of the referendum". 

East Devon students receive their A Level results

Congratulations to all those who have received their A Level results this morning.

Remember, advice is available if your grades weren’t quite what you’d hoped for. Either way, you worked hard through a what is a stressful period, so well done!