BLOG: Birds and Bees and Brexit

I’m not really a believer in click campaigning, and certainly not if I’m being bulldozed into signing pledges for PR reasons by political opponents who are using scaremongering as an election platform tactic.

BLOG: North Korea

I can’t remember a period in my lifetime when the world looked a scarier place than now. Warnings are coming thick and fast. China believes war in Korea could break out at any moment.

BLOG: The Greed of George Osborne?

George Osborne has been denounced for “greed”, “moonlighting” and “neglecting his constituents” after accepting an appointment as editor of the Evening Standard.

The Union

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Mental health

Exmouth Journal 

Every school in East Devon is to be offered mental health first aid training to increase awareness around mental health and help to tackle the unacceptable stigma around the issue.

New Year

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Social Care

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The issue I have most been preoccupied with since returning to the backbenches has been the debate about social care provision.


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Make no mistake a political earthquake took place in America when they voted in Donald Trump; an earthquake that has already sent shock waves across the globe.