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Social Care

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The issue I have most been preoccupied with since returning to the backbenches has been the debate about social care provision.


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Make no mistake a political earthquake took place in America when they voted in Donald Trump; an earthquake that has already sent shock waves across the globe.

BLOG: Refugees

There was a very poignant opinion piece in the Guardian I read last week by Nelofer Pazira under the headline ‘Possessions they can carry – but the soul of the refugee is left behind.’

Back to the Back Benches

Exmouth Journal Even 24-hour news Channels are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of events, from the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox, to the EU referendum, the resignation of David Cameron, the Tory leadership contest with its Shakespearian overtones and the appointment of Theresa May and her new team. Add into this heady mix a Labour Party in collapse and an attempted coup in Turkey. Yes, there’s news aplenty!  Just as a football manager gets to appoint their team so does the PM and I fully support her right to have who she knows and trusts around her. 

BLOG: Why I am Supporting Theresa May

Theresa May is known to work on her red boxes until 3am, she studies every secret surveillance warrant that crosses her desk by M15 and takes as long as she feels necessary over policy decisions. She is not driven by a 24-hour media cycle to come to her decisions. Nor in gimmicks, focus groups or conjuring policies out of a hat. Her assessments are well thought through and she does not shy away from confrontation in defending them.

BLOG: The Morning After

Many people are still trying to come to terms with the decision this country has taken to leave the EU. They are understandably worried that leaving a club of countries that buy nearly half of Britain’s exports will have far reaching consequences for all of us. These consequences might include a less vibrant economy, which means fewer jobs, lower tax receipts and probably extra austerity. The Scots, most of whom voted for Remain, they fear, will want to break away from the United Kingdom – although this will prove highly problematic for them with such low oil receipts and fears from other EU members facing powerful independence movements such as Catalonia in Spain. Meanwhile across the channel, other Eurosceptic nations are mobilising, further threatening the EU as an institution, an institution that has helped keep the peace in Europe for over half a century.

Child Protection

The murder of Ellie Butler by her father raises yet again the issue of child protection.  This vulnerable child should never have been allowed to be returned to her parents particularly when her social workers strongly opposed it.

BLOG: Politics and Public Respect

Recently the editor of the Express & Echo newspaper wrote a leader about my complaint that his paper was exhibiting a bias. In his piece he wrote: “Like most journalists I tend to think our relationship with politicians should be akin to that of dogs and lamp posts,” I remember reading it at the time and feeling somewhat depressed by the attitude expressed. What it demonstrated was a complete cynicism and lack of respect for the role an MP plays in our society.