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Hugo welcomes more money to protect our marine species

Hugo commented: "I am pleased to see the Chancellor has pledged another £30 million for biodiversity, including an expansion of our Blue Belt programme. This is a vital part of our campaign to protect precious marine species like turtles, whales and seahorses". 


Hugo comments on motion to delay Brexit

Hugo said: "I will be voting against this motion tonight as it completely undermines the PM’s attempt to get a deal on Brexit. It is little more than a cynical attempt to delay or revoke the whole process by those who have never accepted the result of the referendum". 

East Devon students receive their A Level results

Congratulations to all those who have received their A Level results this morning.

Remember, advice is available if your grades weren’t quite what you’d hoped for. Either way, you worked hard through a what is a stressful period, so well done! 

Have your say on how the Jurassic Coast is cared for

The new Jurassic Coast Partnership Plan is out for public consultation. This important document is a tangible expression of the Partnership that looks after the Jurassic Coast. It explains the reasons for the Jurassic Coast’s World Heritage designation and how it is protected and managed.