Hugo promotes importance of beekeeping to protect our environment

In a major debate on farming and the environment, East Devon's MP Sir Hugo Swire called on the Government to promote beekeeping as a crucial tool to ensure plant pollination. 

You can watch Hugo's contribution in the video. 

The Rt Hon. Sir Hugo Swire MP (Conservative, East Devon) 

What more does my hon. Friend think that we and the Government can do to encourage the positive ecological effects of beekeeping? It seems to be incredibly important in plant pollination, among other things.

Colin Clark MP (Conservative, Gordon)

My right hon. Friend makes a very good point. We have to ensure that we have joined-up thinking in relation to beekeeping. There is an example from Scotland. Neonicotinoids have been banned, and the possible result is the use of other sprays. No less a supplier than one to Her Majesty the Queen at Balmoral considers that the flea beetle, which is now not controlled by neonicotinoids—that is a very difficult word to say—was potentially the reason for the destruction of an oilseed rape crop and therefore why he produced less honey. This is one of the questions that I want to ask my right hon. Friend the Minister: we must have joined-up thinking.