Hugo speaks up for Devon in school funding debate

East Devon's MP Sir Hugo Swire has called for fairer education funding for Devon in a major Parliamentary debate. 

In Westminster Hall, Parliament's second chamber, MPs debated an e-petition on school funding: "Schools are having to make difficult choices on how to spend their limited funding as their income has not kept pace with the rise in costs since 2010. All schools are working very hard to ‘make ends meet’ but this is becoming increasingly difficult and verging on almost impossible."

Sir Hugo said: "This Government has tried to do something about fairer funding. In our part of the world, we have seen an increase of funding in Devon but we are still chronically underfunded. Every child in a Devon school still gets £304 less than the national average, meaning that Devon loses out on £27 million per year. The previous Labour government skewed funding towards the inner cities and against the shire counties".