Hugo urges EDDC to put HQ relocation on hold

East Devon MP Hugo Swire has urged the Leader of EDDC to put its relocation project on hold.

Hugo Swire has told the district council leader Paul Diviani it would be “prudent” to wait before relocating from Sidmouth to Honiton and Exmouth.

 The plan to leave the current offices at the Knowle, which has generated widespread opposition, had targeted a newly-built HQ at Exeter’s Skypark.

But earlier this month the ruling cabinet, which insists the existing building is inefficient and dilapidated, performed a U-turn and instead backed a revised plan to move to Heathpark in Honiton and make us of existing space at Exmouth Town Hall.

Now Mr Swire has added his name to the list of opponents in calling for a pause in the proceedings.

“The prudent thing to do is to put everything on hold and not proceed at this stage,” he told the Sidmouth Herald.

 “As MP for East Devon I would be very unhappy if it moved outside my constituency.”

Mr Swire said a number of his constituents had raised concerns about the relocation project’s figures, which “need to be looked at more closely”.

“This is not the time to do anything,” he added, suggesting the proposal be delayed unto the extent of Government cuts to grant funding is known.