Support our hard-working councillors delivering for East Devon

The East Devon District Council local elections on Thursday are about your hard-working representatives.

This is not the time to vent frustration at the current impasse at Westminster.

So much depends on the efficiency and responsiveness of our councillors. It is not just about getting the bins emptied or fixing streetlights. It is about damp, an oppressive neighbour, or anti-social behaviour.

Your Conservative councillors have been making the difference in East Devon. We need a Conservative-led council to continue the good work, not a cabal of so-called ‘independents’ who can promise one thing, only to change their mind later and be unaccountable for doing so.

East Devon District Council is one of England’s outstanding councils – on recycling, protecting the natural environment, urban regeneration, digital services and more affordable homes.

We have the lowest council tax in Devon and amongst the lowest in the country. Just £141 per year or £2.72 each week for a Band D property is allocated to the Council.

The national picture is the same. Conservative councils manage their finances better and charge £100 less in council tax for a band D household than Labour or Independents.

As exasperating as the current Brexit saga is, this election is about who can deliver for you. We must ensure East Devon District Council can continue its great work over the years ahead.

- Sir Hugo Swire MP

[Photo: Exmouth Littleham, with candidates Bruce de Saram and Khristine Norton – and Rocco!]

Nub News, Wednesday 1st May 2019