Protection of workers’ rights as we leave the EU

I fully recognise the importance of strong workers’ rights. That is why I am glad that the Prime Minister has said that workers’ rights will be fully protected and maintained.

The Repeal Bill will convert current EU law into domestic law, wherever practical. This will guarantee existing workers’ legal rights as set out in EU legislation and it will provide certainty to the UK workforce. I should also mention that the UK already goes beyond minimum EU requirements in a number of areas of employment law. For instance, the UK provides more weeks of annual leave than that specified by the EU and nearly four times the required statutory maternity leave. The national living wage has also been introduced so that everyone is paid fairly for their work.

The Government has consulted with as many organisations and bodies as possible from across the country to establish the priorities for the whole of the UK. The negotiations have begun and I will work to achieve the best possible withdrawal agreement for everyone in the country.