Stand as One campaign

The hate crimes that we have seen after the referendum are totally unacceptable, and go against everything that I know to be great about this country of ours.  I am proud that this is a country where we tolerate one another’s beliefs, and where we actively celebrate our diversity.  A country where people are free to observe their religion, and culture, in a way that strengthens our society.

Please be assured that the Government is taking action to combat any hatred or intolerance towards any section of our society.  It has published a new hate crime action plan, developed in partnership with communities and government departments.  This action plan will increase the reporting of hate crimes, prevent hate crimes on transport and provide stronger support for victims.

On the issue of the refugee summits, I note the importance of the events, and I would fully expect the Government to be represented at a senior level.  Making sure that the UK continues to be a welcoming and tolerant society for those fleeing persecution is of the upmost priority, which is why I am proud to support this Government’s efforts in pledging £2.3 billion in aid in response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, as well as relocating up to 20,000 refugees over the course of this Parliament.